Tracks Of The Week, International Women’s Day Special, 04.03.15

Although we’re keen to promote upcoming female talent every week here at Gigslutz HQ, we thought for this week’s Tracks Of The Week, we’d focus solely on female artists, in celebration of International Women’s Day, which is this Sunday 8th March. 

Despite the disappointingly female-absent Reading/Leeds line up, it seems to me that 2015’s music scene is filled with a number of incredible female artists: from the grungy awesomeness of Courtney Barnett and the playful indie-rock of bands such as PINS, Honeyblood and Ex Hex, to the sensual pop of the likes of FKA Twigs and St Vincent, and the energised hip-hop of Lizzo (to name but a few!), we are certainly not lacking in exciting women in the industry. 

So, here are just a few of our favourite new tracks from some wonderful, upcoming female artists around at the moment… 


Swiss singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Sophie Hunger, is due to release her new album in May, and from what I’ve heard of this young woman so far, it promises to be pretty special. Having previously delivered exceptional sets at London’s Roundhouse, as well as being the first ever artist from Switzerland to grace Glastonbury’s fields, it looks like Sophie’s hunger for stardom is soon to be filled.

New single, ‘Love Is Not The Answer’, is filled with clashing chords and dissonant melodies blasting out alongside Hunger’s gritty vocals and chaotic beats. Exuding a fierce attitude, here is a track that will set the fires blazing with its impassioned vigour.

Sophie Hunger’s new album, Supermoon, is out 18th May via Caroline International.

Recently signed to Brooklyn label, Color Station, Swedish London-based vocalist Akiine has just released an incredible new single. ‘Destiny’ brings a darker edge to what we have previously heard from Akiine as her smooth, impassioned vocals are juxtaposed alongside pulsating electronic beats and minimal, yet immersive, melodies.

With a soulfulness to match the likes of Erykah Badu, Akiine offers a unique slice of dream-pop that’ll caress your eardrums in all the right ways.

‘Destiny’ is out now, with Akiine’s new album due for release in late summer.

With influences ranging from The Ramones to Duran Duran, Marisa – aka The Phantom Sound – is currently completing her first solo album with help from Blondie’s drummer, Clem Burke, Rilo Kiley’s Pierre DeReeder and Ken Stringfellow of REM fame – not bad contacts to have!

These ‘80s influences are evident in latest single, ‘Get To Me’, alongside a vigour reminiscent of ‘90s female-fronted bands such as Sleeper or Elastica. As Marisa’s gutsy vocals are juxtaposed with jangly melodies and emotional content, a subtly powerful ballad is created.

Coincidentally, some more Swedes for you here… Hailing from Gothenburg, minimalist rock duo Pale Honey have just released sonic-delight-of-a-single, ‘Youth’.

With shades of the likes of Sleater Kinney and the almighty PJ Harvey, Pale Honey exude the  cool, smooth vocals of Tuva Lodmark, alongside the frantically executed beats of Nelly Daltrey. As playfully catchy riffs precede a frenzied chorus, ‘Youth’ greets you like a refreshing, tumultuous blast of fresh air.

Sweet like honey, indeed, but with an underlying gritty edge.

Pale Honey’s eponymous debut album is out 4th May via Bolero Records.


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