Tunnel Club announce details of second album ‘Exit Space’

Following a successful UK crowdfunding campaign, Newcastle’s celebrated electronica outfit Tunnel Club will release their second album, Exit Space, in November.

The duo, who released their debut album ‘From the Old School’ in 2016 to critical national acclaim, have announced their latest offering will be their most expansive and ambitious to date.

Having forged their joint love of all things electronic back in the acid house days following the second summer of love in 1988, Graeme and Steve are recognised pillars of the North East dance scene and their lifelong friendship and diverse range of musical DJing experience led to the inevitable formation of Tunnel Club in 2015.

Their new album, ‘Exit Space’, is an exhilarating and impassioned seven track celebration of their time together and encompasses all of their major influences and turns ons including 90s rave, trance, techno, house, garage, breaks, electronica, progressive, and 90s indie alternative.

Speaking ahead of their forthcoming release, Graeme Stoker, said: “Our job is to make people smile, dance, throw their hands up into the air and get their rocks off. That’s it, it’s all about the music and the live experience with us. Our music doesn’t try to sit neatly in a pigeonhole. It draws on influences from all over the place, but it’s not a game of genre Top Trumps and doesn’t try or claim to be anything in particular. It’s been awesome to see new younger fans of electronic music embrace our music and live shows alongside our friends and purists from back in the day.

Electronic music by its very nature is what turns us on and that is what we’re trying to embrace with this new album.

“Expect melodies, big kicks and heavy basses. There will be big, long epic tunes that take you on a journey. But the tunes on this record also have their more simple, stripped backed beats. Whatever came along in the studio on that day and felt right, will be on Exit Space. Enjoy!”

Exit Space is set for public release on 30 November.

It will be available on limited edition vinyl and digital download via all good digital stockists including Apple Music and will be available to stream via Spotify.