Track Review: Summer Heart – ‘Sleep’

Drinking from the same, sweet cup as both Beach House and Work Drugs, is Clash Magazine’s newly-celebrated chill wave/dream pop producer, David Alexander, better known as Summer Heart. Blending elements of nostalgia with a lethargic atmosphere of pure bliss, Summer Heart has managed to release the ultimate post-summer blues busting anthem, the glorious ‘Sleep’.

Boasting dreamy electronic drones and a swooning vocal, ‘Sleep’ is a seminal celebration of happiness and, most-importantly, laziness. Shy of just three minutes thirty seconds long, ‘Sleep’ quietly calms your mindset whilst outlining that it’s widely accepted that sometimes just lying in bed and Sleep[ing] all day” is a brilliant way to spend your autumn.

Being the first post on his Soundcloud page in over six months, Summer Heart’s brand-new track is a springboard and crystal-clear indicator of what we can expect from the Swedish producer in the very near future. If ‘Sleep’ is anything to go by, however, then it’s fair to say that the sugary Summer Heart will be impossible to get away from in the coming months.

‘Sleep’, the fantastic new track from Summer Heart, is available to purchase on November 20th. However, if your ears are begging for ‘Sleep’ now, the track is available to listen to below:

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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