Video Premiere: 90s inspired George Hennessey shares video for latest single and reveals “pivotal” moment with Richard Ashcroft

“Purified” embraces a reflective mood without dialing-down the intensity, confirming that George Hennessey is a performer and songwriter with a rare expressive range.

Talking about the song and video, George says “I wrote the rough chords, lyrics and chorus of ‘Purified’ in an Australian hostel back in 2016, when I was in a bad place after a break up, way before I  knew I would dedicate my life to the music. It’s about cleansing and stepping forward even though you’ve still got the pain. I feel the video manages to capture this without being overtly explicit about it, letting the pictures and music speak for themselves”.

George further adds that “Purified” nods to Nirvana and grunge bands Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots. “I like grunge’s explosive choruses and dark lyrics, I want to bring that to my Britrock sound. Why not? Music’s music.”

George puts everything into his music. Money from labouring went towards music. So does what he earns now, working as a spray painter. When he had some demos, he decided to take them to someone he discovered lived near his parent’s home in Twickenham.

George is a massive fan of The Verve. In late 2018, he knocked on Richard Ashcroft’s door. It was a pivotal encounter.

“He opened it up,” recalls an awestruck George. “He was in his sunglasses and said ‘alright mate, can I help you?’ He came out into the street and for about 15, 20 minutes gave me loads of advice. He said ‘you’ve got a good look, good energy, be persistent, keep going, work hard.’ He gave me his time. I took his advice and kept going.”

The result is the Purified EP, produced by Jamie Ellis (known for his work with The 1975 and Bloc Party) which has set George up for a breakthrough 2021.

Produced and directed by: LAH Media