Video Premiere: Fiona Soe Paing – ‘Tower Of Babel’

With her debut album out on Friday, innovative artist Fiona Soe Paing has already been receiving acclaim from the likes of Mary Ann Hobbes and Tom Robinson, and wowing crowds with her unique live performances.

Influenced by artists such as Bjork and The Knife, Soe Paing creates an utterly beguiling, and entirely original sound, filled with off-kilter vocals and haunting electro vibes.

Ahead of the album’s release, Fiona has now shared a brand new video for album track ‘Tower Of Babel’. Of the track and its accompanying video she explains:

“The song and video for Tower of Babel are based on the idea of how in states of crisis and emergency, language and words are inadequate – systems of communication break down, and instead of relying on words, we turn to using alternative communication systems based on signs symbols and codes. It’s also linked into the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, where as a punishment, God took the people’s universal language and split it into several different tongues so that no-one could communicate. The lyrics are a cacophony of layers of words in Burmese, meaning things like “Help” “Emergency” and “Look Out!” Everything is breaking up, crumbling and fragmenting, about to topple over the edge into the abyss… “

Watch the glitchy, intriguing video for ‘Tower Of Babel’, for the first time, here:

Alien Lullabies, the debut album from Fiona Soe Paing, is out on Friday 16 September.

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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