WATCH: Diagrams – ‘I Tell Myself’

Dorothy, the new album from Diagrams, is an utterly unique and magnificently innovative creation. Written in collaboration with Washington State poet Dorothy Trogdon, it transcends the distance between Diagrams and the 90 year old poet in a collection of reflective explorations of science and nature.

Taken from the album is dreamy delight ‘I Tell Myself’ – a stunning, sweeping soundscape that’ll uplift and inspire with its cinematic, musically rich grandeur. As twinkling melodies flow alongside a soaring collection of sparkling vocals, it’s impossible not get swept up in its haze of effervescent joy.

Of the track, Diagrams’ Sam Genders explains:

“I feel that the message here is that you can sometimes ease your suffering by observing the world without reacting to or intellectualising it. That’s a battle I occasionally win and it’s a special thing when it happens.”

Directed by Ewan Jones-Morris, you can watch the new video for ‘ I Tell Myself’ here:

Dorothy, the new album from Diagrams, is out now via Bookshop Records.

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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