WATCH: MALKA – ‘Wonder Why’

With talents ranging from international gymnastics to fashion design, as well as singing and songwriting, it seems that Malka (aka Tamara Schlesinger) can do no wrong. Following the success of last year’s album Marching To Another Beat and fantastic songs such as ‘Into The Night’ and ‘Let It Go’, new track ‘Wonder Why’ shows that the ever prolific Schlesinger still has what it takes to create something wonderful.

Filled with Malka’s trademark tribal beats and twinkly melodies, ‘Wonder Why’ is a catchy, joyous offering. Flowing with Schlesinger’s sugar-sweet looped vocals and smooth harmonies, it’s a necessary accompaniment to a sunny March day.

Watch the fantastic new CGI video for ‘Wonder Why’ here:

Wonder Why’ is out now on Tantrum Records. 


Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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