ALBUM: Hanni El Khatib – ‘Savage Times’

It’s safe to say that San Francisco’s Hanni El Khatib has made his mark on the world of music, wowing audiences with his raw edge since the days of his debut Will The Guns Come Out.

Hanni has never been one to take a break; with frequent releases over the years, all being as enticing as their predecessors, he has kept things rolling with the release of his new album Savage Times.

Savage Times first took the form of EPs – with various volumes being released throughout the course of last year, they are now being released as a collection.

The album begins with the unprecedented passion and anguish that was so characteristic of Khatib’s debut, and a trait of his that has drawn so many towards the multi-talented musician. If anything, Savage Times is extremely innovative, and Hanni El Khatib has shown the world just what he is made of, with this album featuring a whirlpool of variety.

‘Baby’s OK’ is raw, with a beautiful mis-match feeling that nods towards the likes of The Hives, whilst ‘Paralyzed’ is fuelled with feel-good disco vibes. ‘Miracle’, however. is a solo-guitar self-reflection, stating “It’s a miracle that I came out alive.”

It becomes transparently apparent that this album is an insight into the savage side of our society, coming straight from the eyes of Khatib. Not only that, but songs such as these are more relevant than ever before, existing in the midst of the Trump climate.

‘Born Brown’ is a techno-punk track bursting with passion and untamed aggression, and is, in the words of its creator, “for anyone raised in America by the immigrants who have made this country what it is. Born Brown. Born Proud.”

Although this is an extremely multi-characteristic offering from Hanni El Khatib, this is still an extremely familiar album – familiar in a pleasant sense. Savage Times is just as exciting as the early days of Will The Guns Come Out; Khatib is as solid as ever, he is still refreshing, and it’s looking like it will be that way for years to come.

Savage Times is out now via Innovative Leisure.

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