ALBUM: Skunk Anansie ‘Anarchytecture’


Anarchytecture is the new album from Skunk Anansie. Powered with a mix of compelling riffs, alongside unearthly vocals; this album surpasses many recent releases. Delivering sounds resembling Placebo, this album is as though the ’90s has made a reappearance. Introducing a mix of genres within the LP and simplistically memorable lyrics, this album most certainly deserves elevated admiration.

Beginning the album is the track ‘Love Someone Else’. Releasing greater gentleness than the songs that follow, it emphasises the energetic tones within them. Despite this, it still owns a particularly dynamic vibrance to the track, a great initiation to the well accomplished album. Following this track, ‘Victim’ plays, fashioning unearthly vocals which are further stressed by the haunting guitar riffs and circulating drums. Progressively developing into grungy guitar work, the emotive vocals remain and follow through to “Beauty Is Your Curse”.

Spiritual tracks ‘Death To The Lovers’ and ‘Without You’ ensure earthliness upon the LP, despite the striking vocals remaining; instrumentals are tranquil. Contrasting, ‘In the Back Room’ is the proceeding track. Returning from the ’90s, this sound is furthermore heard with the instrumental primarily resembling Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Reverting back to the grunge tones is ‘Bullets’, with most likely the most exhilarating chorus on the entirety of the album, introducing complimented riffs from backing vocals. ‘That Sinking Feeling’ advances this despite a greater concentration on the vocals in some verses.

Closing the album are the invigorating tracks of ‘Suckers!’, leading onto ‘We Are The Flames’ and ‘I’ll Let You Down’, mixing previously heard earthliness and electrifying tones on the LP.

After first encountering this album, it is evidently, strikingly impressive. Juxtaposing most current releases, this LP takes you back into the ’90s despite being contemporary. Everyone needs to listen to Skunk Anasie, you won’t be disappointed.

Anarchytecture is out now via Boogooyamma Ltd.

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