ALBUM: Triggerfinger ‘By Absence Of The Sun’

Technically impressive but lacking originality.

Trigger finger is a condition that affects the tendons in the hand, something that the guitar players in Triggerfinger must know about for there is some mammoth guitar playing going down on this album. The opening track, ‘Game’, is a fine example of this.

By Absence Of The Sun is the fourth studio album by this Belgian trio rock band. They also have a live album, Faders, under their music belt. Formed in 1998, they are veterans on the rock scene, supporting the likes of The Rolling Stones and winning an array of awards in Belgian.

Standout tracks include ‘By Absence Of The Sun’ and ‘Big Hole’ but, and it is a big but, I am not sure if I would return to it again. Songs like ‘Off The Rack’ and Trail Of Love’ are interesting and if more of the tracks were like these I would pay the album another visit.

It is a well crafted affair but it comes across as a bit “paint by numbers” rock at times, especially with songs like ‘Black Panic’ and the closing track, ‘Master Of All Fears’. It ticks all the boxes, and there is no denying Ruben Block’s vocals, but it is all a bit predictable.

Still, I am sure that their large following will disagree with me and there are some redeeming tracks on here.

By Absence Of The Sun is released on 4th March via Excelsior Recordings.


Mary B

Mary B

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