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We haven’t heard much from Australian twins The Veronicas since their last album, Hook Me Up, was released way back in 2008. Having taken the charts by storm with their track ‘Untouched’, it seemed the pop duo were ready to hit the big time, but it never quite happened. After seven years of setbacks and label conflicts, however, the pair have returned under the wing of Sony Music, with a new self-titled album. Their old electro-pop sound has been blended with a singer-songwriter approach, packed in with a hell of a lot more attitude.

The girls express a lot of depth and soul in this album through songs like ‘You Ruin Me’ and ‘Let Me Out’, cutting away that excess-pop element and leaving behind something a little more raw. A stronger focus on acoustic guitars and piano accompaniment in this album really adds to that singer-songwriter feel.

There is a bit of odd experimentation which is questionable at best. The tracks ‘Cold’ and ‘I’m A Veronica’ mix in some kind-of-rap sections, with the latter seemingly switching between genres mid track from pop to rock breakdowns. They are trying something and I am not sure what, but’s it’s fun to listen to nonetheless.

As an Australian pop duo, some summery anthems are practically required from this album and the girls deliver with ‘Cruel’, a pop song with a rocky edge that reflects their more established sound, and ‘Teenage Millionaire’, a track which (unsurprisingly) is a teenage anthem about summer love.

By far the sweetest track on the album is ‘You and Me’, which focuses on simple guitar and the twin sisters reminiscing in harmony about their childhood spent together. It’s a deeply personal song which brings The Veronicas closer to the listener, and makes the whole album experience a lot more intimate.

And the best song on the track? ‘Sanctified’ without a doubt is a winner. It’s grimy opening and blues-choir backing gives it a sexy and downright sassy sound that’s simply irresistible. The whole album exuberates the confidence of these incredible young ladies, and this song has it in a nutshell.

The Veronicas is release on 16th March via Sony Music.

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