Casa Del Mirto – Still

Italian collective Casa Del Mirto are released their third full length album ‘Still’ on Monday (January 26th) via Ghost Records. The once solo project has now evolved into a group; started by founding member Marco Ricci, the band, now includes by Luigi Segnana on bass and Raffaele Ricci on synth. They have now moved away from the more dancefloor style of their first 2 albums Supertrendycoolfashion and Numero Uno.

Below you can find two stand-out songs from the album, to give you a taste of their style. ‘Pressure’ and ‘What I See Inside Of Me’ are both great examples of this interesting, unique and exciting album.


The album comes with a story, apparently it’s the 4th version they recorded, with the first one being lost to a dodgy hard-drive, the 2nd and 3rd not being up to scratch and the final recording recorded under pain of tooth! Maybe this is appropriate for an album where lots of the lyrics explore themes of discomfort, blues, bad feeling and the long fight against depression.

Also worth looking out for is the secret code hidden in the artwork of the CD. Apparently if you can find it, then Google will lead you somewhere exciting! Good luck hunting.


‘Still’ is now available on Ghost Records.

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