This Feeling Track of the Day : Gaz Coombes ‘Deep Pockets’

Seventeen years in the same band, and you can start to forget things. Supergrass and Britpop legend Gaz Coombes is recovering a feeling – the moment you first realise that music can give you goose-bumps, make your hair stand on end. He got it aged fourteen, and he’s getting it again now. It was a “new emotion,” he recalls. “Like nothing I’d felt before, and it would choke me. I was always in tune with that feeling, but never quite brave enough to explore it myself.”

Gas Coombes is back with a new single and his 3rd solo album “World’s Strongest Man” which drops May 4th. This is ambitious, progressive rock n roll from a seasoned superstar. And it’s glorious. Pre-order the new LP HERE

May 17, Glasgow, The Garage
May 18, Liverpool, Arts Club
May 19, Leeds, Church
May 22, Bristol, Trinity Centre
May 25, Dublin, The Academy