Gigging in Great Britain: Why London is the Ideal First Stop

Whether you’re planning your first tour or hitting the road for the millionth time, London is one location that should always be on your list of must-play places. In fact, if you’re going to tour in the UK or Europe, it’s well worth making London your first show on this leg of your tour. To find out why, take a look at these six reasons why London is the ideal first stop when you’re gigging in Great Britain:

1. Endless Venues

No matter what type of artist you are or what type of music you produce, you’ll find a variety of venues in London. Whether you’re a well-known band or just breaking onto the scene, you can secure opportunities at popular venues in London that will attract fans who are into your style of music.

From heavy rock at The Black Heart in Camden and quirky leftfield acts at The Windmill in Brixton to pop acts at the O2 in Greenwich and jazz at Ronnie Scott’s in Soho, there are venues to suit every act and artist in this cosmopolitan city.

2. Eclectic Fans

As you might expect, London doesn’t just have an endless range of venues: it has the fans to go with them! While mainstream music may appeal to the masses, if you or your band’s tastes are a little more eclectic, you’ll want to be sure that you have access to an appreciative fanbase. In London, there are fans of all types of music and performance, so you’ll find it easy to sell out venues and enjoy playing to packed bars, concert halls and mosh pits.

3. Unrivalled Facilities

When you make London your first stop on your UK tour, you’ll benefit from having access to some of the finest music facilities and spaces in the world. You can book a fully equipped rehearsal studio in London at Pirate.copm to ensure you’re pitch perfect on opening night, for example. What’s more – when you choose to hire a London rehearsal studio run by, you’ll benefit from self-serve 24-hour availability and access to professional-grade equipment in your very own rehearsal space.

However, it doesn’t stop there. London is also filled with state-of-the-art recording studios, so why not lay down some tracks while you’re in this iconic and inspirational city? Recording your classic hits or new songs in London adds an international flavor to your back catalogue and gives your fans something new and exciting to enjoy.

4. Talented Freelancers

If you’ve ever been on tour before, you’ll know just how much hard work – and fun – it can be! While you may have a core team traveling with you, it’s highly likely you’ll work with people on an ad hoc basis as you travel from one venue to another. If you’re looking for dancers, supporting musicians, backup singers, riggers, set designers or roadies, you’ll find the best of the best in London.

As the country is relatively small compared to the U.S., you’ll also find that many London-based freelancers will be happy to accompany you on tour around the UK and even further afield in Europe. This allows you to build long-term relationships with people in the industry and build contacts that will stand you in good stead for the future.

5. Superb Accommodation

When you’re on the road, it’s essential to have a few home comforts around, which is why you’ll appreciate the superb range of accommodation in the City. Whether you’re preparing for your first, budget-friendly international tour and need cheap and cheerful places to stay or you’re celebrating your success by staying in some of the finest hotels in the world, you’ll find what you’re looking for in London!

6. Iconic Landmarks

If you’re busy rushing from one venue to another, it can be easy to miss out on the culture and sights of the locations you’re playing at, but it’s well worth taking some time out when you’re in London. Filled with iconic landmarks, you’ll find the city to be as inspirational as it is fun, exciting and beautiful.

Additionally, London is super-easy to explore on foot or via public transport, so you are able to pack in a whole lot of sightseeing, no matter how long you’re in the city for.

Planning an International Tour

There’s no doubt that playing live and touring different venues is one of the best things about being a musician, but there is a lot to consider when you’re planning an international tour. From set lists and travel arrangements to rehearsal spaces and venues, it’s important to spend time preparing if you want to make your tour a success. With the right planning and a European tour debut in London, however, you can ensure your next tour gets off to a spectacular start!