Gigslutz Video Vote, November 2015

Each month we will be picking four videos from across a range of new music artists for you to cast your eyes over and tell us through the power of the vote what YOU think.

The video with the highest rating will get their track played on the Gigslutz Girls’ New Music Show, and will be invited in for a live session!

This month, we will be putting up a different video each week for you to choose from.

This week it’s the turn of Cumbrian youngsters Pesky to grab your attention. At just twelve and thirteen years of age, the wonderful effervescent, shoegazey goodness they create is really quite spectacular. If you, too, are impressed, vote for their video for ‘Unbelievable’ using the star system now!


 Pesky – ‘Unbelievable’

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[Total: 64 Average: 4.9]


We will be posting another contender for the competition next week, so keep your eyes peeled! And listen to the next Gigslutz Girls’ New Music Show to hear this month’s winner, Nadia Nair, on 12 November at Hoxton Radio.




Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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