Silver Hayes, the original home of electronic music at Glastonbury, transformed last year for its 10th Anniversary, debuting a new artistic pavilion; a stage for urgent cultural debate titled THE INFORMATION; and the creative re-imagining of three iconic Silver Hayes stages – culminating with the launch of THE LEVELS, Glastonbury’s newest open air nightclub offering.

Ever-evolving, Silver Hayes now unveils for Glastonbury 2024:

  • A reimagined concept of The WOW as the fields newest indoor venue, Assembly
  • The second exhibition for its art space Hayes Pavilion featuring a creative takeover by WaterBear
  • A visual arts programme in the field dedicated to emerging artists
  • A longer four-day programme of topical debates and discussion at THE INFORMATION stage
  • A brand new wellness space titled Room.

Silver Hayes firmly believes hope is, in itself, an action. Small actions can help have a big impact, and with its 2024 programme, will  showcase examples of action and positive change all around us.


THE INFORMATION stage at Glastonbury returns to Silver Hayes for its second year, with a series of talks that delve into the migrant footprint in British music, the climate and music, the radical roots of rave, the history of pirate radio and pressing current affairs affecting culture today, from uniting Israelis and Palestinians to youth exploitation, the power of boycotting, and art and activism.

Major talks at THE INFORMATION include  Hope is an Action – Israelis and Palestinians Unite an open conversation hosted by Liberal Democrats MP, Layla Moran, alongside Danielle Bett (Peace Activist – Yachad), Hamze Awawde (Conflict Resolution Expert – Hands of Peace), Hiba Qasas (Peacebuilder, Development leader – Principles for Peace Foundation) and Maoz Inon (Peace Entrepreneur, TED Speaker).

Other standout talks include Bend It Films: Celebrating Stories through Film & TV, with the actors Ambika Mod (From Netflix’s One Day) and Antonia Thomas (From Channel 4 and Netflix’s Lovesick), Gurinder Chadha (Director of  Bend It Like Beckham), hosted by TV and Radio Presenter, Anita Rani.

The Future of Football talk will also hear Maya le Tissier (Manchester United F.C. & England Lioness) alongside rapper Blanco, Barney Weston (Co-Founder of Football For Future), Ceylon and Hickman (IMMOTION COLLECTIVE, Football Beyond Borders, Dulwich Hamlet FC) discuss the unifying power of the sport and their hopes for the future, with host Johnny Kay (Versus).

The full programme of talks at THE INFORMATION this year can be found on the Glastonbury website.


Silver Hayes’ dedicated art space, the Hayes Pavilion, presents its second exhibition entitled Moving The Tides–a creative collaboration with WaterBear, an award-winning impact media platform at the intersection of culture and environmentalism, that brings human stories and action together.

Building on the success of last year’s mushroom mycelium project, Hayes Pavilion 2024 will use storytelling as a vehicle for change by screening a collection of WaterBear films–headlined by the newly-released Blue Carbon documentary hosted by DJ and environmental toxicologist, Jayda G. WaterBear’s takeover is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the importance of collaboration, not just within Silver Hayes, but with filmmakers and organisations like HHMI Tangled Bank Studios, Lonely Whale, and Finisterre, with whom WaterBear have partnered to bring these stories to the world.

re:right design will bring life to the space with a large-scale, innovative biomaterial sculpture. Under the visionary leadership of designers Leksi Kostur and Simon Carroll, re:right are the designers of the Hayes Pavilion and the project’s in-house research team. This installation serves as a frame for WaterBear’s film screenings, highlighting the beauty and environmental significance of tidal ecosystems. By leveraging their material knowledge and design expertise, re:right brings the textures, colours, and movements of tidal spaces to life with their renewable ocean-based materials, set against a backdrop of refined mycelium material from Magical Mushroom Company®️

The Hayes Pavilion is a recurring platform at Glastonbury, dedicated to artistic research and development. Each year, it explores how festivals can lead the way in pioneering new ideas, aiming to drive society toward a more sustainable future.


Silver Hayes’ wider visual arts programme also expands across the field, presenting emerging artists and new artworks from across the UK, showcasing cutting edge ideas and immersive design.

Nestled in the heart of Silver Hayes field will be Convergence. It follows the tumultuous journey of deep sea creatures evolving inside an abandoned shipping container, preserved away from human intervention for several lifetimes. A testament to evolution’s enigmatic ways, it embodies the contrast between the forces of nature and industrial engineering.

Inspired by deep sea bioluminescence, Convergence’s cyclical journey through a post-Anthropocene ecosystem blends laser work, 3D animation, and AI technologies to create a mesmerising and eerie spectacle of light and sound. The installation has been created by light designer Nicole Gordon, 3D designer Delphine Jaubert and creative technologist Laiqa Mohid.

Also on show in the field is Door Dream, a reactive sound and video installation, captured by film director Will Dohrn over lockdown 2020 – 2021. The installation is a collaboration with Hyperdub’s Proc Fiskal and multimedia artist Oliver Ellmers.

In addition, London-based architecture and scenography collective Bad Weather present a reinterpretation of the listed windows in a former spectacles factory in Hackney, titled With Someone Tonight. The installation creates a warped beacon of light and smoke using fresnel lenses, twin slot shelving, univolt steel channels, heated salvaged corrugated roofing, custom polycarbonate tube lights and acrow props.


Assembly will be launched at Silver Hayes in 2024. Previously The WOW stage – a sanctuary for quality underground house, techno and electronic music, the space has now been redesigned by the field’s creative team Hidden Corners in conjunction with multimedia creative studio from Bristol Limbic Cinema.


Running between 8am and 12pm Thursday to Sunday, Room provides an opportunity for rest and rejuvenation. Whether you’re an early riser, or on your way to bed, you can connect back in with yourself with a sound bath, breath-work or yoga, run by a welcoming team of facilitators who want to help you make the most of your Glastonbury experience.

Perfectly located next to The INFORMATION Stage, so festival goers can roll off their mats and enjoy thought provoking panel discussions on a range of topics which start as Room ends its sessions each day.


Originating from Team Love, the esteemed Bristol-based production company behind Silver Hayes at Glastonbury, Big Team CIC was founded in 2019 as a proactive response to the glaring lack of representation within the creative sector. It has since evolved into its own entity. Their core mission is to forge visible, supported and inclusive pathways into the creative industries, creating lasting and tangible change across the wider industry, not just in the South West but beyond.

The work of Big Team CIC is felt across Silver Hayes, with a series of work placements offered through Bristol’s Our City 2030 programme and Saffron, along with talent development programme Next Level.

Tom Paine, Area Coordinator of Silver Hayes at Glastonbury stated that:

In 2024, Silver Hayes has looked to optimism to create change, combining forward-thinking electronic artists with positive action, debate, technology and design. “