INTERVIEW: Adam Scott Glasspool

From the first demo I knew that I wanted it to get more and more stressful until the end where it gets peaceful. – Fresh off releasing his latest single, ‘A Magnifier’, Gigslutz chats to Adam Scott Glasspool.

Gigslutz: “So the first question we have for you today is how are you doing?”

Adam Scott Glasspool: “Well I’ve got the single coming out this week and I’ve got my first gig back so I’m a bag of nerves!!”

GS: “So that leads us on to the next question, which is you’re releasing your first new music in 4 years. Was there any reason for the break?”

ASG: “Uhm, not really. I released this acoustic EP and then I sort of had a mental break-down really. So I spent a couple of years just doing therapy and just working on my mental health…and it was not easy to write about when I was in it. It’s much easier to write about when it was sort of done. Once I kind of felt okay in myself again I was like, ‘right we can get back to it’.”

“I was still gigging. I did a gig in June 2019 and I thought I’d come back early 2020 and then…here we are now! My first gig in September 2021, I planned that well ahaha.”

“So the first 2 years was a need to take a step back, and the last 2 years was the same as everybody else, just stuck inside.”

GS: “So would I be right in saying that mental health, and mental health struggles have played a part in the single then?”

ASG: “Yeah, I mean that’s what a magnifier is. I think everybody who struggles with their mental health has a magnifier, something that makes everything seem much worse than it is, or makes the world seem scarier.”

GS: “Without dwelling on the pandemic too much, has it compounded those feelings?”

ASG: “Definitely! You start to become aware of the minutia of your life, with so many of the distractions removed.

“I’m a carer so I still had to go to work, but I couldn’t do anything that was fun!”

GS: “With the track, there’s feeling of anxiety that grows throughout, was that a deliberate choice?”

ASG: “Definitely. So going into the recording process, this was the first time I’d had help with everything.”

“Greg Haver (who has produced bands such as Catatonia, Tom Jones and Manic Street Preachers) produced it and the instinct to begin with was to not have that structure and have a sort of Pixies-esque thing where the choruses are really loud and the verses were really quiet. But it just didn’t fit the song.”

GS: “And so the last question I have for you is, are there anymore tracks in the works?”

ASG: “Yes. The last EP I released I didn’t do any promotional stuff for I just released it and it was out. The last time I did this there wasn’t things like SubmitHub, and Musosoup, and TikTok and all these things and I have no idea how these things work aha.

“So I’ve had to learn really quickly all of that stuff and how important new metrics are…but I’m old fashioned.

“The advice now is to release one track at a time every 6 weeks so everybody follows and keeps up with you…that doesn’t sound fun to me! I still want to do an album. But I think in a couple of months there will be another track.”

‘A Magnifer’ is available to buy and stream HERE.