Interview: Dearly Beloved

Having just been over in the UK to play a few dates with Bash & Pop (with Tommy Stinson from The Replacements), Canadian grunge-punk band Dearly Beloved recorded their last album at Dave Grohl’s 606 Studios – home to the infamous Sound City Neve Console – and are fast building a reputation for their riotous live shows.

We caught up with the band to talk punk, new music and BBQs with a certain Foo Fighter…

Hi guys, thanks so much for chatting to us again! How are you all today?
Hello Gigslutz! It’s a sunny day and we’re feeling good…

You’re about to head over to the UK for a little tour with Bash & Pop (with Tommy Stinson from The Replacements) – how did that come about?  
We have the same management, so when the opportunity came about to return to the UK we didn’t hesitate.

Have you always been big fans of The Replacements? 
Yes, their catalogue is insane!

To what extent would you say the punk-rock scene of the 70s/80s has influenced you as a band? 
When you think about all the amazing artists that came out of that era, it’s hard not to be influenced. From The Clash to The Stooges, The Runaways to Social Distortion, and The Dead Kennedys to Minor Threat … The list is endless. We take the inspiration from their irreverence and energy.

Would you say there’s still a place for punk rock in the current music scene? 
Now more than ever there is a need for punk – it’s a much needed outlet to protest these authoritarian times we are living in. Enough with the sugarpop unicorn ballads – bring on the rebellion!

When we’ve been lucky enough to catch you live in the UK before, you’ve blown us away with your intense energy-fuelled set! What can we expect from your live shows this time round, any surprises up your sleeves? 
Have you heard of Cirque de Soleil…? In all seriousness we have a new guitar player in JC Sandoval and it’s been cool to have 3 vocals consistently in the mix.

What’s been your favourite venue to play so far and why? 
That’s a tough one! We’ve recently hit the 21 country mark as a band, and have had some really great experiences!

You recorded your fantastic latest album Admission at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606. How was that experience? 
It was certainly awe-inspiring. The minute you step into the studio you’re greeted by a hall of rock – photos and Foos memorabilia. It’s pretty incredible to see what they’ve accomplished and all the wicked gear they have accumulated along the way. But it’s eclipsed by the famed Sound City board  – seeing the artist signatures that have worked on that console is an honour. Plus Dave and his mom Ginny made us a bbq lunch – that was delicious!

And, is the any more new material on the horizon? 
Yes, we are actually in the midst of more recordings with John “Lou” Lousteau at 606. We started some songs earlier this year and are going back for more after the summer.

Finally, what else does the rest of 2017 have in store for Dearly Beloved? 
Well, in addition to going back to California we’re super excited for a return to Germany in August. We are also playing a Hamilton Supercrawl, a show close to home with friends. Then we’re off to Japan!

Huge thanks to Dearly Beloved for answering our questions!

Admission, the latest album from Dearly Beloved, is out now.


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