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INTERVIEW: Magic Wands

It has been six years since LA’s Magic Wands burst onto the scene with their Stunning debut record, Aloha Moon.  Since then, the dream-pop duo has gone from strength-to-strength and are currently in the midst of touring their latest album, Abrakadabra.  We caught up with Magic Wands during the European leg of the Abrakadabra tour, to talk how European fans demand numerous encores what crucial advice the guys would give their past selves.


Hiya guys! You are currently in the beginning stages of your June European tour – how have the UK crowds been treating you?

Chris: UK has been great so far. We really have great fans here.

Dexy: We played two shows so far, Ramsgate & Brighton tonight is London, people are into it.

Comparing to the energy of your native American fans, do the European crowds bring anything different to the live experience?

D: I think it’s about the same – other than Europeans ask for 2/3 encores instead of one

C: It is similar, we always have a lot of people dancing. I think they react to our energy the same as most places, although here in UK and Europe we usually end up chatting a bit more after the shows.

Your new record, Abrakadabra was released worldwide earlier last month – which tracks are your personal highlights from the album, and why?

D: I love ‘Chains & Fur’ – it’s about being in London and Paris. Also ‘Nocturnal’ – it is how I feel most days

C: I love the whole record, but I had fun working out the music for ‘Houdini’ and ‘Nocturnal’.

Do you find that as artists, you are more creatively fulfilled with the recording process of making an album, or the live promotion + touring aspect of it? 

D: playing live is more fulfilling. You are in the moment the songs take on a new life and can be more experimental.

If somebody had never had the chance to listen to a Magic Wands track before, is there a certain song from your discography that you would point them in the direction of, for a first listen? 

D: We usually play ‘People In Space’ or ‘Realms’ or ‘Dna’ from the new one [Abrakadabra].

C: Probably ‘Space’ or ‘Nocturnal’. ‘Baby Love’ has the best lyrics too.

Your debut album Aloha Moon was released six years ago this year.  If you could go back and teach/tell yourselves anything during the Aloha Moon recording process, what would it be?  

D: I would tell myself to breathe and meditate. Six years ago I had a lot of anxiety about how things would turn out. We had several people involved in the recording process, but now I welcome outside input.

C: I would tell myself ‘not to take everything as seriously and just chill, relax and go with the flow’.

What other artists’ songs are currently circulating your personal playlists at the moment? 

D: Lately I have been listening to the same old… Cleaners From Venus, The Smiths, Cocteau Twins.

C: I have been listening to a lot of old Calypso music lately especially, The Eloise Trio from Nassau.  They are absolutely amazing!  Eloise Lewis is one of my favorite singers ever. Everyone should listen to them especially their song ‘Banana’.

And finally, if you could curate your own ‘Magic Wands all-day festival’, who would be on the bill alongside you, and where would it be held?

D: It would be all the old and new bands I adore.  I already have this already written down in my notebook. The name/location and the bands. It would blow away any festival line up in the past ten years and there would be 100 % no filler! It is, however, top secret though, so I cannot give it away yet… But next time!

Magic Wands 2018 European Tour Dates –


7 – The Netherlands, Vera-Groningen
8 – Germany, Junkyard-Dortmund
9 – Denmark, Studenterhuset Aalborg
11 – Germany, Schokoladen Berlin
12 – Germany, Z-Bau Nurnberg
13 – Germany, Unterdeck Munich
14 – Switzerland, Schuur Lucern
15 – Switzerland, Port Franc Sion
16 – Italy, Nosilenz Festival Brescia

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