Interview: Stephen EvEns video int. w/ John Clay

John Clay catches-up with Stephen EvEns, following the release of his latest album offering, ‘Employee of The Month’
In this interview we find out more about the thinking behind the album and the songs in this carefully balanced harmony between socio-political commentary and a comical delivery – for an insightful and thought provoking listen, from the delicate love letters between ‘George and Kathleen’, to a society turned upside down in ‘Dustbin Man’ and the phenomena of the angry email in ‘Push Yr Thumb in Yr Eye’.
John talks about his impressions of the album: “On paper it shouldn’t work. In fact, the lofty expedition which cites visitations of capitalism from a rightfully frustrated employee, the reveal of a love letter from one parent to another and – again – the fervour for more than one musical style is damn right risky. This is the thing: like any exciting and fulfilled life, true artistic delivery is all about risk.”
He goes onto explain, “Thank the cosmos for expressionists such as this, and hey, thank yourself for considering the inspection of the music just beyond these words. Every moment of our album debrief/chinwag only served to open up the understanding of his process in gratifying ways. One only hopes that such conversation is entertaining and above all instructional as to how to concoct art from one’s experiences.”