LISTEN: Lara Smiles, ‘Oh How’

Lara Smiles Releases new track Oh How, out via WonkyPop, Dec 11.

Oh How features on Smiles’ debut album All For You and is a tantalizing affair reflecting on the anxieties of our time in this enticing mantra. ‘…let go of pain, let go of pain’ the lyrics swirl, ‘empathy brings evolution and maybe a revolution,’ echoes Lara Smiles in this three-minute psych folk tale.

Opening with a smattering of crystalline chords and a glistening array of percussion, both poetic and smouldering the new release is fused with a serene tranquillity and a call for transformation.

She elucidates on the track, ‘‘Oh How’ is like a calming mantra for me, it was written to calm myself and the listener from any anxieties due to the difficult times we face…’ 

In the video she is surrounded by flickering candlelight, as Smiles transports us to an otherworldly realm, accompanied by ghostly, bewildering atmospherics, as her vocals drop to a muse like whisper.