LISTEN: Newly formed Newcastle music duo ‘LOVE AT WAR ‘release huge neo-indie psyche anthem ‘Shivver’

Love At War, a new project fronted by Newcastle-based producer and singer-songwriter Rhys Breen and Jon Corbett, have released its first ever single, ‘Shivver’, TODAY.

Just shy of 4 minutes in length, Shivver is an explosive track that takes the listener on a journey through the band’s far-reaching influences. Elements of 60s-inspired psychedelic rock, 90s indie and classic rock & roll can all be heard in this blistering debut.

Taking its musical cues from the likes of Brian Jonestown Massacre, BRMC, Velvet Underground and The Byrds, Love At War consists of Tyneside duo Breen and Corbett, one of the regions mainstays in the region’s  independent scene.

Recorded on Tyneside at the celebrated Blank Studios, Rhys Breen today said of the track:

“Shivver is an enormous track for me, it was the first track where I found the formula for Love at War. It’ll forever be the sonic bookend for the beginning of this project, that’s why it’s fitting to be the first release.”

“This track can be listened to at 3am on a Saturday morning, 8am on a Monday to get you through, or Blasted at 9pm with a double bourbon in your hand.”

“I can’t wait for people to hear the song. I hope our personalities transcend the music and I hope people can take something away from it like we can.”

The concept behind Love At War has been under development for over two years. With such a strong vision behind it, Breen considers the project to be the best he has ever been involved with

Rhys continues: “The recording process was amazing. We got the sound out of my head and I couldn’t be happier with the representation we achieved. The lads really smashed it.

“We decided to record with a “vibe above all” mantra. It didn’t matter how we got there, as  long as it was honest and drummed up a feeling, regardless of what it was.”

Love At War will be releasing two follow up singles over the summer and is currently working on bringing their music to the stage with a number of live shows soon to be announced.

“The live show itself will be a spectacle if all goes to plan; we want it to be an experience,” Breen added. “There’ll be new formations, lights, psychedelic sounds, and some of the best musicians I personally think Newcastle has to offer. I can’t wait!

“The process has and will forever be a labour of love for us; it’s what we love to do.”