LISTEN: Paul Weller & Noel Gallagher remix the new Syd Arthur single

Syd Arthur return with new single No Peace released today. The single also features a mighty remix from Sine Of 4, a project that includes Paul Weller.

The remix, is a testament to his enduring faith in new music. Weller has, once again, moved out of his comfort zone with this rework – it is a tour-de- force of imagination, off-beat and dreamy, wonderfully complemented by Noel Gallagher’s signature guitar sound.

That Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher opted to work together on this track shows the allure Syd Arthur have – they are a musician’s band with a fervent worldwide fanbase.

Syd Arthur had a stellar 2016. From playing huge arena shows in the US, touring with fellow progressive-experimentalists White Denim to releasing their most successful album to date – the year has cemented their reputation as a serious creative force. The album, Apricity, marked a new sonic direction for the band, chillwave influences abounded and a new retro-futurism was formed – not least on new single No Peace – one of the stand-out cuts from the record.