Bingley Music Live, Myrtle Park, West Yorkshire, 31.08.2018-02.09.2018


A weekend of sunshine and music, Bingley Music Live, hits West Yorkshire’s, Myrtle Park.

It is safe to say that Bingley Music Live had one of the most eclectic line-ups of the 2018 festival season. Headlined by indie behemoths, Shed Seven, Jake Bugg and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, support over the weekend came from punk-pioneers Public Image Limited, the rap-styled Rat Boy and the light-hearted tones of pop-veteran, Mel C.

Throughout the weekend Bingley Music – situated in the heart of the small Yorkshire market town – showed what it meant to be an urban festival. The palpable excitement carried through the three days, from the opener’s first chords to the headliner’s final note (even a lack-lustre set from Gomez failed to silence this packed field).

Nirvana tribute act Elvana, provided a comedic edge to the festival, riled the crowd up into a frenzy and paid a brilliant homage to the king himself, Kurt Cobain.  This year, it is true to say that the festival truly had something for all tastes. And with its price mark of £75 for 3-days, it was also one of the best-value festivals going.

This is not to say that the weekend was solely made-up of big names, however. With the festival boasting a small stage, used to highlight emerging talent, the likes of Spring King and Queen Zee were crowned two of the best in show. The paramount performance, however, came from relative new-comers Brand New Friend.  The band’s set whipped the crowd up to such an extent it lead singer, Taylor Johnson, breaking Bingley’s no-swearing policy to declare the show “fucking amazing”.  One can only wholeheartedly agree.

While the new bands took centre stage and the largest portion of our attention, we cannot forget the crowd-pleasing headliners.  Although Shed Seven and Jake Bugg provided more than serviceable sets (each achieving a field-wide sing-along) it is fair to say that Noel Gallagher stole the show.

Providing a blistering set with hit-after-hit from both his fruitful solo career and his days in Oasis, Gallagher held the crowd in the palm of his hand, with each and every person screaming along – despite Noel’s joking gibes at Yorkshire folk.

Other bands on the bill also notably worth mentioning are Public Image Limited – who came with a confrontational attitude that shocked large portions of the crowd; The Cribs, who delivered their set with a ramshackle attitude only comparable to the heyday of The Libertines and The Sherlocks, who showcased exactly why they are being heralded as ‘the next Arctic Monkeys’.

Even pop diva, Mel C gave a good show, littering her set with not only her solo-work but with a variety of covers and a scattering of sing-your-heart-out Spice Girls hits.  Her performance was perfect for the sun-drenched Saturday afternoon

Those in attendance can attest that Bingley Music Live proved to any doubters that any constraints put on an urban festival can be overcome by an eclectic line-up, a picturesque setting and, most importantly, a crowd who are a ready sing along with the greatest-hits package provided. It provided sun, fun and music – we could not have asked for more.