LIVE: Cub Sport – Manchester Deaf Institute


Australian synth-pop act ‘Cub Sport’ bring the UK leg of their tour to Manchester’s Deaf Institute. Showcasing songs both old and new, the band highlighted their unique live appeal.

Opening the set was track, ‘Chasin’, with the slow and melodic nature of the track allowing for an intimate atmosphere to be created that persisted throughout the duration of the set. This track was also the first taste those in attendance got of the effortless vocal stylings of frontman Tim Nelson. Soaring from note to note, the dazzling vocal delivery truly filled the venue.

Following on from this was a blistering rendition of, ‘Hawaiian Party’ which brought out the full vocal force of the crowd, with Nelson again showcasing his capabilities as a front-man, locking eyes with select members of the audience in captivating fashion whilst touching synth notes permeated the venue. Other highlights of the set included the heart-felt, ‘Party Pill’ssasss, the themes of which resonated throughout the crowd. As well as a truly stunning rendition of, ‘As Long As You’re Happy’. Nelson’s vocal delivery wonderfully complimented the warm, moving notes of guitar and synth, soaring from note to note with expert precision. The crowd even received a teaser of yet-to-be-released track, ‘I Never Cried as Much In My Whole Life’, with it receiving a rapturous reception from those in attendance.

Closing out the set was the almost euphoric, ‘Come On Mess Me Up’. The roars of the crowd in-time with Nelson’s vocals made this truly the stand-out of the show. The light, airy melody playing the perfect foil to the utter, undeniable crowd investment.

Cub Sport demonstrated their undeniable strengths as a band in Manchester. Moving between tracks with a sense of elegance, they held the crowd in a transfixed hypnosis from start to finish. Despite the set being littered with crowd favourites, the teasing of new releases left the audience feeling that perhaps the best is yet to come from this Australian synth group.