LIVE: Fizzy Blood @ Boston Music Rooms, London, 21.09.18

Friday night saw the enticing contrast of an exciting new band playing in an old London working man’s club, as Fizzy Blood rocked the Boston Music Room.

Fresh from recording a live session for BBC Introducing at the famous Maida Vale studios, the Leeds outfit were clearly still riding the crest of that wave. They are a band on the rise, and for good reason.

The small stage was just about big enough to squeeze the five-piece in together. Instead of being a comically tight fit, it offered the chance for the band to be the imposing force that their sound demands.

Initially, lead singer Benji Inkley does not strike you as a rock and roll star, but once the microphone was switched on, his incredible voice shattered the room and put everyone it in under his spell.

‘Summer of Luv’ is an anthem in waiting, and caused the crowd to kick-start into a frenzy. Other huge tunes included ‘Haunted’ and ‘Pink Magic’. Whilst this band, with influences rooted deep in rock from times gone by, they have the ability to flick the switch to a fully-fledged contemporary sounding group.

With ‘Strangers’, the guitars reduce and Inkley’s vocals rise to the fore in a song that has a dusting of modern pop.

The way Fizzy Blood can turn up the temperature and bring things back down to a simmer is truly unique. When played live, each song takes on a new demeanour, things are ramped up, and brought alive. ‘ADHD’ stands as the one song in the set to cause the next morning’s ringing ears.

Inkley’s stage presence is amazing to watch. Belting out each tune, he remains relaxed throughout the most riotous sections of their songs. The chaos he lays down infects the band around him and the crowd at his feet. He is the orchestrator of their presence onstage.

Bassist Ciaran Scanlon’s flame red hair engulfs the stage, and flies around as his enraged persona commands the atmosphere in the room.

This was a powerful set in a venue that could barely contain the energy in the room. Fizzy Blood’s sound and appeal stretches far, with the crowd dotted with true rock fans, and Indie Cindy’s alike.

Stay alert for where this band heads – they will not disappoint.

Words: Luke Scanlan