Like opening a time-capsule of 70s hits you never knew existed, Silvertwin’s debut release promises an intoxicating rush of retro-pop nuance and artful nostalgia. Think Paul McCartney produced by ELO and you’re part-way there; ‘Silvertwin’ serves-up 10 lovingly crafted treasures hallmarked with the songwriting flourishes and the misty-eyed, lovelorn charms of a once golden era for music released on 16th July 2021 via Silvertwin Records.


With a sound as familiar as your childhood soundtrack, the record is notably blessed with the touching turn of phrase and swooning couplets of frontman Isaac Shalam. Setting out to create “an album of timeless songwriting”, Shalam explores themes of “young love and the wide spectrum of emotions that come with it” written with heartfelt honesty and endearingly relatable experiences. Recorded to tape rather than digitally, most parts were recorded by Shalam with some overdubs by the rest of the band and session musicians to enhance its warmly authentic baroque-pop feel. The result is indeed a record of timeless feel; lost out-of-time and estranged from its seventies acolytes, yet sounding fresher than ever in the mixed-up here and now of 2021. Yearning to be heard by the ears of all generations, it will appeal to fans of like minded retro-revisionists like The Lemon Twigs or Whitney, as well as fans of the myriad quintessential acts who have inspired it, from Billy Joel to The BeatlesSupertramp to Gilbert O’Sullivan.

The record is masterfully produced by Foxygen’s esteemed Jonathan Rado (The Flaming Lips / The Killers / Father John Misty) who has mentored and supported the band from their very earliest days. Providing the record with the classic finish it richly deserves, ‘Silvertwin’ was mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios and mixed by the legendary Cenzo Townshend. Silvertwin will self-release their eponymously titled debut on 16th July 2021.

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