ON HOME TURF: Ex-Catfish guitarist ‘Bondy’ to perform live with his new band ‘The Safest Place’

In the midst of the pandemic’s restrictions, amidst the snowstorm, and against the backdrop of their past, Johnny ‘Bondy’ Bond – formerly of Catfish and The Bottlemen – and Louis Adams of Chintzy Stetson found themselves reunited, reigniting a musical flame that had flickered low for too long.

Thus, The Safest Place was born, and their journey from the ruins of a fire to the stage of the legendary Cullercoats Crescent Club is nothing short of a testament to the power of North Eastern music and friendship.

Their story began 25 years ago, two boys attending a birthday party at the Tynemouth Plaza Roller Rink, a night overshadowed by a horrific fire that razed the building to the ground.

Fast forward to the present day, and the two friends find themselves half-drunk in a red-walled room by the North East coastline, surrounded by the remnants of their past and the promise of a new beginning.

From this unlikely setting emerged The Safest Place, a musical endeavour that blends high-energy, cinematic soundscapes with dark humour and wanderlust lyrics.

Since their reunion, Johnny and Louis, along with their bandmates, have released an arsenal of music that defies categorisation. With influences spanning decades and genres, their sound is a melting pot of atmospheric synth, captivating guitar tones, and wandering lyrics.

Their first EPs have garnered praise from a dedicated fanbase, setting the stage for their upcoming album release and their highly anticipated performance at the Crescent Club.

On 13 April, The Safest Place will take to the stage bringing their unique brand of musical mayhem to the historic venue. Joined by support act Sam Frame – of fellow North Shields rock outfit Jango Flash – complete guitar-driven melodies, will make for a memorable evening down the coast.

Bondy explains: The Crescent Club isn’t an obvious choice given some of the fantastic venues we have in the north east but it made sense to make an occasion out of the show and seeing as we both grew up on the coast. Local venues brought us up.

Without them I’d still be in a practice room battling asbestos and screaming at the wall. It’s the only way to get your songs in front of people in a room so it’s fundamental in your journey.”

Louis continues: We have a 10 person choir and our own sound system so we’ve definitely reached for the stars and then some. I want it to feel like a weird religious experience. Some sort of tribal cleanse. Failing that, it will be really good to just make a lot of noise.”

As they prepare for their performance and the release of their album, Johnny and Louis have their sights set on new horizons. Plans for vinyl and cassette releases are in the works, as well as aspirations to take their music across the country and beyond.

Indeed from North America to Japan, The Safest Place are poised to embark on an adventure that knows no bounds, fueled by their passion for music and a desire to share their art with the world.

Louis added: I’d love to just get in the van and go play some gigs across the country and further.

“North America seems like an obvious place for us to be. We talk about playing Japan almost on a weekly basis now.”

Final tickets for The Safest Place live at Cullercoats Crescent Club are on sale now and can be snapped up via: https://www.fatsoma.com/p/the-safest-place