Ones To Watch: The Sore Losers

Forming in 2009, after becoming finalists on Belgium TV’s ‘Humo Rock Rally’, it is evident from their sound, that The Sore Losers carry with them both experience and highly developed talent. With an infusion of heavy funk and rock, the Excelsior Recordings signed, the Belgian band are back with their latest album Skydogs.

Comprising of Jan Straetemans (vocals), Cedric Maes (lead guitar), Kevin Maenen (bass and backing vocals) and Alessio Di Turi (drums), this band have been inspired by some of the biggest names in music history; the influence of the likes of David Bowie, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix being remarkably apparent in their songs.

‘Cherry Cherry’ has distorted vocal and guitar work which ensure it’s filled with an energetic twist on rock riffs. Turning heavier towards the chorus and bridge, with chants resembling those of Primal Scream, the track slowly but surely shifts in sound entirely.

Also included on the bill is the hit ‘Emily’. Both beginning and remaining slower than the prior track, the Black Keys-esque rock tones linger throughout the track. With synthesised vocals and an electrifying riff, it’s clear that The Sore Losers ensure to utterly blow their audience away.

Recently released ‘Got It Bad’ is also on the album, which continues the vibe of ‘Emily’ but on an enhanced level. Increasing the band’s musicality and emphasising their distinctive vocals towards the chorus, the verses are a mooth contrast, providing a roller-coaster of tones throughout.

It’s safe to say Skydogs will be a hit, and everyone should listen out for The Sore Losers.

Skydogs is out 4 November and you can find out more about The Sore Losers at their Facebook page.


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