Liverpool indie high riser ‘Post Night Pictures’ follow up single – ‘Motel Karaoke’ OUT NOW on Nifty

Multi-instrumentalist and visual artist, Daniel Coughlin – AKA ‘Post Night Pictures’ – has released his second single, Motel Karaoke.

The release follows Post Night Picture’s debut in May with his R&B infused first single, ‘Get Down’.

Written and performed by the Liverpool-based musician, photographer and filmmaker, ‘Motel Karaoke’ takes the listener on a tour through the night-time streets of Liverpool, tipping its hat to some of the city’s favourite haunts, including Mojo, Salt Dog Slims, The Grapes and Motel.

Coughlin – a singer, multi-instrumentalist and visual artist – is also hooking up with several indie videographers from Liverpool’s burgeoning creative scene to produce a series of live video shoots that will raise awareness for the city’s artistic talent and it’s much-loved venues.

The project aims to get people back into Liverpool’s independent bars and venues which have helped build the city’s global reputation as a hotspot for music, art and culture.

Danny says the initial inspiration for the song came from a facebook status read, ‘If you don’t sing on Motel’s Karaoke or dance on Mojo’s tables what’s the point in going out’. Motel and Mojo are two one of the most popular Indie bars in Liverpool’s city centre.

The lyric came about during lockdown when I saw this girl’s facebook staus,” Coughlin says. “I thought it was dead cheesy but straight away thought of the hook for the chorus and within a day or two I’d written the first draft.”

‘Motel Karaoke’ is a love letter to Liverpool’s thriving nightlife. Having worked for several years on Liverpool’s bar and club scene, Coughlin says the song harks back to post work drinks with his workmates.

Coughlin hopes the track will provide the soundtrack to people’s nights out in Liverpool as clubs begin to reopen over the summer months.

Encompassing music, film, performance and photography into the project, Post Night Pictures explores the connections between sound and imagery to evoke a powerful sense of nostalgia.

The stage name, Post Night Pictures, and the concept behind the project was inspired by Coughlin stumbling across a polaroid picture of himself with a group of strangers after a night out in Liverpool. Reflecting on the night and the memories captured in that image, he set out to create a concept that encapsulates the elusive emotions associated with sentimentality and nostalgia.

Blending elements of pop, R&B, soul and electronica, Coughlin has drawn on his varied influences including David Bowie, Brockhampton, HERS, Billie Eilish and Tame Impala to create Post Night Pictures. He says that these artists have given him the confidence to step outside the constraints of societal norms in his music.

Motel Karaoke’’ by Post Night Pictures is out now on Nifty Records across all digital streaming platforms. Listen now here for this Gig Slutz exclusive: Motel Karaoke