Chris Savor grew up during the height of the UK garage scene, bouncing to 2-step beats and offering guest vocals at local raves. Soon after graduating, Savor made the jump from London to New York.

Once there, he learned that America isn’t all glamour. While slowly losing his soul to the 9-5, he began to connect with local musicians through meet ups across the city. Turning up at dark studios and jamming with strangers became a much needed release from the drone of commuter life.

For three years Savor roamed New York’s streets in anonymity, gliding through broken relationships, empty bottles and indie-electronic bands.

Things changed on January 1st, 2014, when Savor was jumped on the east side and become NYPD’s case no.1. After being told his condition may not stabilize, something inside him changed. Music could no longer be a side project. So after a full recovery he dived into production software Ableton Live to turn vision into carefully crafted sounds. He released his first self-produced track “No More” later that year. Plays jumped into the thousands as listeners loved the chilled UK garage vibe and soulful vocals.

Soon after he met talented Philippines-born producer spctra and the duo started churning out beats that merged soul, r’n’b, and trippy future sounds.

They then linked up with burial-inspired BXTR, vocalist Francesca, rapper Tai Free, visual artist Zoraya Lua and west coast producer Honey Butter, to form the Kaisa Collective, Kaisa coming from the filipino word “pagkakaisa” standing for oneness and unity.

Now back in London since October 2015, Chris Savor has finally released Intro, where you can hear 7 tracks made during his bleak New York winter. In this impressive debut, Savor tries to make sense of his life, his relationships and his past—in the hope that he can let it all go.

Intro was recorded and mixed in bxtr’s basement studio in Brooklyn, and mastered in London by John Webber of AIR Studios.

Listen to the new track ‘Take Me Back’ taken from the forthcoming EP below:

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