Premiere: Para Fiction share new single ‘Wavey Days’

Brighton ruffians, Para Fiction, are cementing themselves as pillars for the next generation of hell raisers to filter through.  They are poised and prepared to smash the gates of the mainstream to smithereens.  They are ready to follow in the footsteps of Slaves, by bringing their smorgasbord of sounds into the hearts and souls of the many.  Their ammo? ‘Wavey Days’.

Made for sweaty, intimate gigs that see violent crowd-surfers, Dr Marten boots stomping and pints of piss being flung left right and centre; ‘Wavey Days’ is your new underground anthem. 

The emerging duo made up of rappers Jambo Unchained and Master Fado, carry an infectious energy and deliver it in a simple-yet-effective way.  A monotone vocal and a killer guitar is the bold formula to what makes Para Fiction tick.

It is not often you can physically see beings through their music.  By hearing the tracks spat lyrics and honing in on the jarring guitar line; the hazy figures of Para Fiction bounce into the light.  Dark, commanding, spear in hand – Para Fiction are Trojan warriors, on the path to discover a world outside of their native city walls.

Speaking about the track at hand, Para Fiction says via press release “‘Wavey Days’ is our personal testament to what happens when you’re exposed to a city where the only real thing to do to is roam around as meaningless rouges.”

“Music is an endless cycle of countercultures and trends – the 70s  punk and the late millennials have memes. This relates to our philosophy and music, disassociation and misanthropy and anti-establishmentarianism. Jambo and Fado are currently in the middle of all this.”

The second track from the duo, following their debut single ‘W Y S X’ earlier this year, is both welcoming yet defensive, rebelling against the grain and yet, forcing our minds to utter “that is bloody good”. 

She’s feisty and fiery; ’Wavey Days’ by Para Fiction, is our cause to enjoy that bead of sweat mingling with our bloody nose. Sharpen your pitchforks, the leaders have arrived.

Like what you hear?  Wanna know more about the punk/hip-hop hybrid that is Para Fiction? Check out their Facebook here.

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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