REVIEW: Liam Gallagher - MTV Unplugged

REVIEW: Liam Gallagher – MTV Unplugged

The latest release by Liam Gallagher is a bit of a subtle affair to what some might be used to hearing from one of the best voices of his generation. MTV Unplugged, released via Warner Records on 12th June, might bring to the mind over casual laid back seated affairs with suited record execs dotted around the crowd nodding their approvals. Thankfully this is far from the truth here. 

Liam stands before his adoring crowd in Hull launching into a shaker filled version of Wall Of Glass with some warm organ, skiffle drums and an acoustic guitar backing which adds a delicate feel compared to the raw electric single version. Liam’s first band Oasis have a few numbers dotted about the set and as you can imagine the crowd do their bit in helping to sing the words, not that Liam needs any help, his vocals have seen a vast improvement since his days in Beady Eye, he still has a gruff Jonny Rotten feel but with less of a struggle to hit his peak, Some Might Say this is his finest live vocal performance captured on record.

I’m going to say thankfully we have some of Liam’s solo material the stand out being Now That I’ve Found You. Written about his daughter Molly, it’s a perfect pop ballad, similar to My Sweet Lord in structure but with its own spirit guiding the song along with a sweet soul backing, it’s a perfect tune. One Of Us and Once also feature from his latest long player, he’s really taken a huge step up in song writing status, these are evidence of a great singer songwriter, anything is capable for his future releases.

Amongst the rest of the set are more fan favourites including the super duper pop of Cast No Shadow and probably fittingly closing track Champagne Supernova, featuring a piano, a shaker and orchestra, the results are striking to the soul, poignant even majestic. An at times solemn, soulful and stunning release by the comeback king. I’m certainly looking forward to the next release by LG.  

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