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REVIEW: Paul Weller - Fat Pop (Volume 1)

NEWS: Paul Weller new album – Fat Pop Volume 1

We may be cursed to be in the midst a global pandemic, buffeted by all of its stresses and pain. But everyone knows that art provides succour, that music is the most reliable balm. And for many there is further…

INTERVIEW: Mick Talbot – The Style Council

INTERVIEW: Mick Talbot – The Style Council

The Style Council. The band that followed The Jam. The reason The Jam split up. Paul Weller’s weird years. Call them what you will, The Style Council have always been an exceptional band of the 80’s, possibly the best of…

REVIEW: Paul - Photograph's by Andy Crofts

REVIEW: Paul – Photographs by Andy Crofts

Currently sitting pretty at number 1 in the album charts with his name being mentioned in the same breath as Lennon and McCartney, Paul Weller has much to being proud of at this moment in time. One of his band…