Ones To Watch: The Assist

Having a proud interest in football can be a bit of an own goal for bands these days. Thanks to the brothers Gallagher, any group of lads who profess to a love of The Beautiful Game are largely characterised as loutish wannabes. The Assist, however, are certainly not some boorish pub-rockers, but are full of imagination and inventiveness.

Ahead of the release of their EP Trouble later this week, the Walsall four-piece, looking like they have been plucked straight from the terraces of the Bescot Stadium, have already shown an impressive variety in their sound with their two most recent singles.

First offering ‘Love’ feels polished and well produced without losing any of its drive, with Ben Faulkner’s crashing drums standing out. Comparisons with fellow west Midlanders The Twang are hard to ignore.

However, new single ‘Nyabinghi’ is a particular delight. Highlighted by the accompanying video, The Assist seemingly aren’t ones to take themselves too seriously and are more than happy to have some fun. Their own playful, schizophrenic take on reggae allows Jak Baker’s bass groove to shine before descending into a heavy wooziness.

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Rob Conlon

Rob Conlon

Rob Conlon

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