The Struts LIVE @ Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh | 06 August

I was informed that these guys were a “a bit edgy, a bit raw” I replied… “so good then?”.

As a guitar player myself, I have a strong built in, navigational force that draws me to the axe man.

Correctly positioned I could immediately start taking stock. White Vox amp, cream Stratocaster, pointy shoes. Serious guitarist? Check.

Quick scan of the stage and the lead singer with correct big hair, winkle pickers and the bass player with a Kinks vest. Check.

First song, immediately the band spring into rock show mode. Full on entertrainment with precision three part harmonies. The lead singer has a voice like Gaz from Supergrass coupled with a stage performance of Jagger with his band carrying out their duties with perfect precision.

At one point in the show, I wished they had let something slip just to show us it wasn’t all planned or rehearsed and then.. a guitar string breaks. While a guitar change was obviously required, the band did what any well gigged band should do.. they improvised. They didn’t play the song without their man and they didn’t stop and crumble. They improvised, that was a my turning point. I went from interested to a fan in that very moment. Check three!

The music is very phat, dirty, rock and roll with the polished high end harmonies of a glam rock band. They hammered through a song called Put Your Money On Me which was my personal favourite.

The show was a great insight into a young and professional band that are set to raise the bar. I seriously hope that this style of music makes a come back. Something is needed, maybe The Struts are the band to do it.

Jack Rowberry