VIDEO PREMIERE: Modern Hinterland ‘Take You To The Hoppings (To Do Wrong)’

Modern Hinterland premieres the stunning visual to his forthcoming single ‘Take You To The Hoppings (To Do Wrong)’ via Gigslutz. 

Modern Hinterland is the brainchild of Chris Hornsby and a bunch of likeminded musicians who exhibit pure passion and carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.  While their music style is American-inspired, flavours of culture from across the world can be seen painted in their tracks.

Their video for Modern Hinterland’s forthcoming single ‘Take You To The Hoppings (To Do Wrong)’ sees the band taking over The Hoppings.  The subject matter of the track is an annual Newcastle Upon-Tyne based temporary theme park, which delights children young and old with big wheels and the chance of attending the infamous ‘danger night’.

Hornsby’s vocals are honey sweet, while the mismatched riffs form something tantalisingly saccharine.  The black and white video showcases Modern Hinterland up-close and personal while highlighting they have a streak of fun in them too.

‘Take You To The Hoppings (To Do Wrong)’ proceeds the release of Modern Hinterland’s new album The Hoppings, out via Label Fandango on September 21.  See below for the single’s video.

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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