ALBUM: Bosco Rogers ‘Post Exotic’

Bosco Rogers are set to release their latest album, ‘Post Exotic’ on 8th July, and it seems that this is one purely made to grab our attention.

‘GooGoo’ opens the album where acoustic changes to electric, alongside their ’60s inspired distorted vocals. Ending on a few simplistic strums, this short but sweet number magically foreshadows the remainder of the album.

Acting as a continuation is ‘Anvers’. Injected with low-toned vocals and catchy riffs, a blues background simultaneously lingers within the chorus. Slightly more sleazy tones are heard then,despite the electric chords remaining.

Introducing itself with whistling, electric guitar plucking is ‘The Middle’. Distortion and dirty riffs contrast with the angelic female vocals, with the riff basing itself around, though somehow the band make it work. Again, a blues approach is taken in ‘Post Exotic’, which has the accordion based in the backing of the track. Once the riff has faded the track switches to a collectively darker sound. Seen again in ‘The Million’, the combined tones sound similar to the later Arctic Monkey’s work. With crescendo’s in the vocals, and the use of whammy bars in the instrumental, the mysterious sounds of the track only make you want to hear more.

‘French Kiss’ has an electro start, with synthesised tones opening the track and giving a different feel than the previous songs. It turns into an electrifying hook with the sound centred around the the simple riff. Refreshing the track is the presence of male vocals, and despite only being a slight difference, it shifts the feel of the album completely. ‘Licky Licky Lick’ again has an electrified start; within the track multiple vocals are involved.

‘Beach! Beach! Beach!’ primarily begins heavy, though switches to a short track induced with beachy 60’s tones and a hint of psychedelic. Rock is more present within the following track ‘Buttercup’, though with a lingering presence of the psychedelic mood from ‘Beach! Beach! Beach!’.

Melodic vocals are heard within the entirety of ‘Drinking For Two’.A lot of ’60s synthesised works are also heard, which mixes well with the angelic vocals. Juxtaposing itself to this is the upbeat work of ‘Stereo’, which crescendos to uplift the track even further. Here we see their guitar talent again, which heavily dominates the entirety of the album.

Concluding the album is ‘Roses’. Low pitched synthesisers, whispering vocals and electric riffs transcend the sound of the track to another level. Becoming slightly more uplifting towards the end, the ever present majestic guitar work matches the poetical lyrics to be heard simultaneously to the instruments.

For this multi-genre band, there is no doubt that Post Exotic will take them even further in their career.

Post Exotic is released on 15th July via Bleepmachine.

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