The Districts announce new album ‘Popular Manipulations’

The Districts have revealed the details of their latest album Popular Manipulations.

The record will be released on August 11 via Fat Possum, and follows on from their 2015 debut A Flourish and a Spoil.

John Congleton produced four of the 11 tracks who also worked on their previous record. The other 7 songs were self-recorded by The Districts themselves alongside Pine Barons member Keith Abrams.

To accompany the announcement, they’ve also shared the album’s lead single ‘Ordinary Day’. The track’s video sees a masked figure roaming Philadelphia, with shots of the band performing spliced in. It’s in keep with the eery and dark undertones of the song. Check out the video below.

1. If Before I Wake
2. Violet
3. Ordinary Day
4. Salt
5. Why Would I Wanna Be
6. Point
7. Airplane
8. Fat Kiddo
9. Capable
10. Rattling of the Heart
11. Will You Please Be Quiet Please

Popular Manipulations can be pre-ordered here.