LIVE: This Feeling – No Hot Ashes, Matter Of Mind & SAP @ Jimmy’s, Manchester 05.03.17

Back at Jimmy’s once again for another big event; tonight the guys from This Feeling have put together another diverse selection of new and exhilarating talent.

First on were SAP, a punk-garage three piece based in London playing their Manchester debut. These boys were loud and proud with a good dynamic of heavy and light guitar riffs placed amongst their set. I thoroughly enjoyed their sound, stand out track ‘5AM’ in particular stormed through the crowd and although a year old still made great impact. They also played a new song which had only been performed once before, despite excuses that it might go wrong the guys pulled through, starting the night in style.

Just before Matter Of Mind came on, Jimmy’s started to fill up. The young Mancunian’s clearly have a big following and after hearing them, I can see why. The fact that these lads only just looked old enough to play the venue didn’t make a difference, they were tighter than most bands I have heard for a while. With lead singer and drummer both taking up parts of the vocals for different tracks, the call and response nature gave for a unique performance. This along with the use of a mega phone in the track ‘State Of Mind’ made for an all round great show. Be sure to listen out for their new single ‘Far Too Wrong’.

Headlining for their second night in a row were No Hot Ashes – a name creatively taken from the side of a wheelie-bin. Frontman Isaac didn’t disappoint with his innovative stage presence and strong lead vocals.  Slap bass was prevalent throughout the whole set, particularly in popular song ‘Skank’ which got the whole room moving.  To keep within the funky guidelines they managed to pull off a cover of ‘The Message’ by Grandmaster Flash and did so well. Finishing their set with punchy single ‘Goose’; their glittery groove put a great end to the night.  Catch them at The Monarch in London on the 16th where they play alongside The Strawberries and many others, a gig that will definitely be worth heading to.

Words: Louis Barrett

Photo: Sterne Photography