LIVE: Kagoule and Catholic Action @ Headrow House, Leeds, 8.11.17

Headrow House is ever the mysterious, adaptable hideout in the center of Leeds.  The multi-story building boasts a spectrum of features, from the fanciful austerity of a cocktail bar to the concreted, hallowed hall of the event space.  No better venue could hit the spot for the anticipation surrounding Nottingham-based trio Kagoule, and Glasgow’s own Catholic Action, welcome return to Leeds, on November 8 2017. 

The nights first support came from Curb.  The trio from Leeds held their own and worked the crowd forwards, pulling each of us closer to the stage. Their ethereal indie-rock sound oozed with a sultry sense of lust – beckoning in the crowd with howling sweet nothings.  The voice Of Curb’s lead singer, Tom, had the clarity of a recording, which entwined with brooding lyrics to form the basis of a professionally, polished indie band.  The performance was worth arriving early for.   

Sitting in the middle of the night (though not to be overlooked) having toured from Glasgow down to the hive of this Yorkshire city is Catholic Action. A thick Scottish accent lined their scuzzy surf pop symphony, with an almost Franz Ferdinand-vibe or the dreamy hint of pop from Catfish and The Bottlemen, but without a hint of vanity. If you have the chance to catch Catholic Action live, be ready and waiting for the merry humour of lead singer, Chris McCrory, to enter your heart both on stage and off via their recently released debut album In Memory Of.  The record in question will see a spreading of wings further afield, soon. 

Featuring blistering alt-rock that seemingly moved each member of the audience to the forefront of the stage, Kagoule take spotlight.   

With a flickering switch from male-to-female vocals with tracks ‘Glue’ and ‘Gush’, taken from their debut album Urth (2015), the moment takes hold and it’s as though everyone is stricken by their talent. As this debut album was recorded in their teenage years, it’s clear the trio have indeed matured well with a responsible “this is ours” passion for their tracks, it can only get better for these childhood friends.  

Here they now were – Glasgow’s Catholic Action and Nottingham’s Kagoule – united with the helping hands of their Leeds allies – presenting a rock show like no other.  

Hannah Tinker