LIVE: Liam Gallagher ‘Down By The River’ 05.12.20

As soon as this gig was announced, the swarm of excitement amongst fans of Liam Gallagher, saw many counting down the days until they were able to join the Mancunian iconic frontman on his evening river cruise.

As dusk falls, and the last of the evening light fades to darkness, the illuminations of the capital became the perfect back drop as Liam and his band pass iconic London landmarks that are illuminated in glowing neon under the crisp night sky.

The set begins with Oasis classic ‘Hello’ taken from ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory’. It’s a welcomed addition from the back catalogue and the perfect opener with the lyrics, “Hello, it’s good to be back” which are delivered with Liam’s gritty trademark prowess.

The set continues with solo material from his two number one solo albums with the likes of ‘Wall of Glass’, ‘Halo’ and ‘Shockwave’, before we are again transported back to the 90’s with ‘Columbia’ and a rare rendition of ‘Fade Away’.

The deep groove and fuzzy guitars of ‘The River’ from ‘Why Me? Why Not?’ is perfectly fitting as the Rock and Roll musical voyage continues down the River Thames, which sees Liam’s son Gene take to the stage to bring additional percussion behind an additional drum kit.

As the vessel approaches Tower Bridge, a heart warming version of ‘Once’ fills the night sky, which is followed by an entourage of Oasis classics including, ‘Morning Glory’, ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’, ‘Supersonic’ and the welcomed addition of punk inspired ‘Headshinker’.

The evening is brought to a close with a stripped back version of ‘Champagne Supernova’ and the warm embrace of Liam’s latest single ‘All You’re Dreaming Of’.

Visually the production by MelodyVR is an absolute triumph and Liam Gallagher’s performance was a perfect evening of musical escapism. Perhaps the ideal tonic to banish the blues of a dismal year and without question the epitome of a Rock and Roll masterclass. Biblical, of that there is no doubt.

Set List:

1. Hello

2. Wall of Glass

3. Halo

4. Shockwave

5. Columbia

6. Fade Away

7. Why Me? Why Not.

8. Greedy Soul

9. The River

10. Once

11. Morning Glory

12. Cigarettes and Alcohol

13. Headshrinker

14. Supersonic

15. Champagne Supernova


16. All You’re Dreaming Of

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