LIVE: The Lathums ‘Live From Blackpool Tower’

Review by Jonathan Taylor

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Whilst as a nation, where we continue to be starved of live music, we have seen an increase in virtual gigs, where our music makers of choice perform to us through the screens of our phones, rather than in a sweat soaked venue, surrounded by likeminded individuals, all galvanised by the love of music.

To scratch the live music itch, fans of The Lathums were treated to a stream of a live performance which took place 158 metres above ground level, when the lads from Wigan took to the stage at the iconic Blackpool Tower. 

The set opens with the rigorous stomp of ‘Villainous Victoria’, which is followed by the brilliantly constructed ‘Fight On’ and ’Crying Out’.  The set continues with the likes of ’I Know That Much’, ‘This Place O’Yours’ and ‘All My Life’. There is an abundance of new material giving fans of the band a glimpse of what can be expected from their debut album, amongst which there are some gems awaiting to be unearthed.  Latest offering ‘I See Your Ghost’ gets an airing followed by the anthemic big hitter, ‘The Great Escape’. ‘Artificial Screens’ follows during which the lads from the North West spring into life. The set is brought to a close perfectly with the heartfelt ballad ‘Time For Me, Light For You’.

The Lathums may be a band in their infancy, but having recently signed to Island Records, built a dedicated fan base, the Northern four piece clearly have the songs to back their ambition and self-belief. Tonight was an absolute pleasure and was a glimpse of the joys that await us all somewhere in the future. It was a flash of the light at the end of the tunnel, where we once again can flock to our venue of choice and rejoice in the moment when the house lights dim, the silhouettes of our music makers walk onto the stage and we all sing along in unison as the sound of live music reverberates around the room. When that day comes, judging by tonight’s performance, The Lathums are match fit and ready to go.

All Images: Sam Crowston.

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