NEW MUSIC: Michael Robert Murphy - Out Of Sight

NEW MUSIC: Michael Robert Murphy – Out Of Sight

Michael Robert Murph​y has always found a home as a songwriter living inside his own head, and it has become apparent, that his musical path has been ultimately leading to a solo project.

Cut from the same Merseyside cloth as​ The Coral, The Stands,​ and​ The Zuton​s, Michael’s writing and fronting of bands such as ​The Wicked Whispers​ had taken his music to audiences across the UK and Europe as well as earning him support from the UK’s mainstream press and radio. But now comes a change in the wind.

Michael’s new material (which was the framework for a solo project) although was written before Covid-19 changed the world we know, feels now hauntingly relevant. The process was about following the songs, captured in their rawest form, from the early demo’s to the studio, capturing the organic and emotional connection.

Taking the 4-track Low-Fi home recording ideas to ​‘The Cabin​’ (a small recording studio located in the former Cains Brewery Village​ in Liverpool City Centre) local producer ​Alec Brit ​helped Michael’s new sound grow organically and develop but maintain its same emotional delivery as achieved by the home recordings. The plan was following a feeling rather than a click track. ‘​Out Of Sight’’​ certainly took orbit first in this process,​ kicking things off with more upbeat pop sensabilities, but topically reacts to when we miss people no longer in our lifes, something the lockdown brought to everyone.

A for ‘​Out Of Sight’’s inspiration and meaning to his own loses, ​Michael seems to be playing this card close to his chest, set for open interpretation. The song itself, drastically evolved in the studio from an innocent sprightly pop jangler that could of say on​ The La’s​ infomous debut album, to something more dirty, disjointed, dark and indeering.​ ‘I love the way the song went the exact opposite way I intended it to be to make it work, these moments are rare and exciting’

For the ‘​Out Of Sight’ Video.​ production began before the lockdown came into effect at ​VideOdyseey, an 80s retro VHS Video inspired space located at the Toxteth TV studio in Liverpool. Michael and director Dan Hewiston (Freakbeat Films) were left with half a video anf unable to finsh the original idea, but then decided to have some fun using an 80’s era David Letterman TV show format to make a tongue in cheek video inspired by Weezer’s Buddy Holly’

For this new chapter for Michael, the music can go anywhere but to begin, it had to be an ‘open book’ level of honesty. But this is just the start of a new exciting journey…

Out Of Sight is released July 3rd 2020 on Rabbit Hole Record and taken from a forthcoming EP ‘Metamorph’ which is due out this Autumn. Pre-Save and Pre-Order Out Of Sight via the following link

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