Velvet Starlings Fizz with ‘Karmic Lemonade’

Velvet Starlings share new track, Karmic Lemonade, set for impact on July 24 via US label SoundX3. This is the second track from their acclaimed Love Everything, Love Everyone EP. 

The pscyh-rockers share new video to Karmic Lemonade – raw blues based riffs, hammond organ and gravelly vocals are reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys or Supergrass, all shot through with an uplifting indie-pop sensibility and glowing Hammond organ, gritty and poetic.

In Karmic Lemonade we see the recovery from a once lost love in Bitter Pill, as the hero, picking-up the pieces, re-discovers his zest for life in this fire-cracker of a track as he steals back his mojo. The video, Directed by Joseph Calhoun, is filmed around Laurel Canyon, capturing venues such as the renowned Country Store and other acclaimed artist hangouts along Sunset Blvd.

As events turn full circle, the protagonist, once kicked to the curb, offers us this full-on, elevating, stirring jolt to the system. He finds himself ascending Laurel Canyon as he transforms sour lemons into a magical glass of psychedelic, cosmic lemonade – poetically depicting this karmic transition, where things have turned full circle. 

Check the video out here:

Photo: Joseph Calhoun