New Track: Weird Dreams – ‘Calm’

Weird Dreams, now purely the solo project of Paris-based multi-instrumentalist Doran Edwards, is set to release a new album, Luxury Alone. Having not put new material out since the band’s album Choreography in 2012, ‘Calm’ is a choice offering taken from the new one that serves to prove that bands-turned-solo projects shouldn’t always be dismissed as pretentious ego trips.

‘Calm’, as the name might suggest, is a very mellow track that is introduced by a good thirty five seconds of high-pitched thrumming against a low hum. Then, suddenly, a Jaws-like underwater-sounding guitar intro kicks in and shortly after, Edwards’ sailing vocals. He croons “my heartbeat is calm and regular”, accompanied by some more synthy yet unobtrusive backing vocals that are perhaps a nod to Weird Dreams’ previous ‘powerpop’ sound.

‘Calm’ makes for an echoey, segmented piece of music which furthers the feeling of being just a little surreal and dream-like. In conclusion, the track is soporific in the best kind of way, without actually sending you to sleep.

Luxury Alone is due for release 10 June via Tough Love Records.

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