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NEWS: The Clique – 1990’s mod kings vinyl box set

The Clique were by far the biggest and one of the best mod bands of the late 80’s and early 1990’s. With a breathless array of material including The Early Days EP (featuring James Taylor from The Prisoners), Reggie/She Doesn’t Want You Anymore and farewell single Hello Sunshine, their material warranted a larger audience than their independent limitations.

Touted to sign to Bjork’s One Little Indian label plus playing a session on Mark Lamarr’s BBC radio show the fame the bands material so richly deserved wasn’t to be, with more changes in the band line up than a Premier League substitution allowance, the bands legacy has now been cemented with a lovingly put together vinyl box set released by the bands original label, the legendary Detour Records.

Here we have the press release with further details:

Come and celebrate our 100th LP release with us and WHAT a release it is. This is a PURE CLASSIC from a band that were huge and were our BIGGEST seller on the label and should have gone on to bigger things but sadly didn’t fulfil their dreams. They came so close and were courted by Bjorks record label ‘One Little Indian’ but it wasn’t to be..

RELEASE DATE: Monday 25th March 2024

Pre Orders welcome

THE CLIQUE – “Preservation Society” BOX SET

I can’t believe that we have finally got this release out, many many years in the planning and hurdles to jump but we did it!

This is one of “Detour Records” proudest moments….Not only were the Clique the biggest sellers on the ‘Detour Records’, BUT this is our 100th LP release on the label and what a release to celebrate this milestone and we have pushed the (Ropey old) boat out and made something very special as each box set comes with a set of five different postcards, poster and comes housed in a very stylish hand numbered box.

35 years after London modsters The Clique burst onto the music scene and 25 years after the final Clique EP was released, Detour Records and the band are proud to present a vinyl box set anthology of their music.

The Clique were prolific throughout the late 80s and 90s, constantly gigging in London, up and down the UK and over in Europe.

It wasn’t just their music that made them stand out from their contemporaries but also their impeccable and stylish dress sense.

This box set collection includes many alternate recordings to previous releases and some unreleased tracks. Through the 3 albums you can track the musical progression of one of the 90s mod scene’s most distinctive bands; from their early obscure beat covers through to their own self written tracks, some of which have since been covered and released by other bands.

DETOUR RECORDS Would like to thank all the band members who played their part in this very special band that is closed to our heart and all the photographers who allowed us permission to use their photos.

Lastly I would like to thank Dom Strickland who spent many hours doing all the artwork and to his wife Claire who was the driving force and went above and beyond in keeping this release on track and drawing it all together.


Ground Ginger

Leaving Here

Crying Days


Looking Back

Take her Anytime

The Whole Night Through

Where Did I go Wrong?

It’s My Pride

Why Do I Cry


The Quest


She Doesn’t Need You Anymore

Anything You Want (Alternate Version)

JPs Little Ditty

Dormouse (Alternate Version)

Baby Never Say Goodbye

Crawling Up A Hill

The Memphis Train

Rackin’ My Mind

Crying Days (Alternate Version)

Looking Back (Alternate Version)

Gonna Make You Mine (Alternate Version)

Where Did I go Wrong (Alternate Version)

Mrs Applegate

Anything You Want

Bareback Donkey Riding (Alternate Version)


Crystal Ball

Tortoise (Alternate Version)

I Can See Waves/Ropey Old Boat

Save Me (Alternate Version)

Fish Down Ginas

I Need you

Where Have All The Good Times Gone

After Five

Hangin’ Around Your Door

Million Miles

Come to Play

Hello Sunshine (Alternate Version)


For more information please visit Detour Records website or The Clique Appreciation Society Facebook Group 

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