Track: Insecure Men – ‘Teenage Toy’

London is lurking with new artists, enlightening the industry with a fresh, offbeat sonic twist. The mass of indie bands, saluting the age-old lectures of teenage angst are still present and setting the pace, but flashes of something new are popping up in the capital. Insecure Men present a collaboration of sounds, with each member being familiar with one another on equally musical levels.

Vocals come from Saul Adamczewski of Fat White Family, the easy, post-punk slur of his lyrics personifies the raw, hyperactive sets that represents the masterful quality Fat Whites are known for. Combine this with the the soulful, 70s-esque cool that Childhood have more recently eased into – gone are the smooth 90s pop tracks of their early days – now a more confident, wiser Childhood stands in their place, fronted by Ben Robans Hopcroft.

Ben features as guitarist and collaborative lyricist for Insecure Men, having been a London-born neighbour and friend of Saul. This led to an admirable professional appreciation for one another as Ben produced Fat White Family’s latest album. Insecure Men fuses these two eclectic artists together, their new single ‘Teenage Toy’ is the post-punk delight that the 2018 festival is itching for.

The cool, collected lyrics oozing from Saul are complimented by the skill of the band behind him and it’s clear that this six-piece are aiming high as Hopcroft mentioned recently that they’re looking to have an album out this year. If the combination of musicians causes ripples, expect tidal waves from Insecure Men.

Words: Hannah Tinker