Adele shocks Hyde Park attendants with an electric performance

Photo:  Anthony DELANOIX

By this time, most of the music-listening people in the world know who Adele is and what her songs are all about. Maybe it’s because the origin of her attraction is not only her music (by the way, it´s a really important part of it), but also her backstory, which many people find as some of the best self-improvement stories of all time. And she did it again. She filled the concert area built especially in Hyde Park for her performance, causing a lot of people to “vibrate” with her music, ranging from the soft emotional songs that opened her career, to those more “danceable” songs that really electrified the whole audience.

Not only has she lost a lot of weight since we all knew her, but her past was marked by a lot of heartbreak and deeply depressing moments that she was able to overcome with great courage and iron will. Songs like “Hello”, which came almost “out of nowhere,” literally “broke the Internet” back in 2015, selling dozens of millions of copies in the first months of its worldwide release, Moreover, the musical video she launched to present this song is one of the most viewed on YouTube and something similar happens with the reproductions on Spotify.

The extent of her career created more than four albums, all titled with numbers, and from her second album, called “21,” forward, all of her discs have been in the first position in the charts not only in the UK but also in countries like Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, and, of course, the United States. This success led to multiple world tours, with enormous numbers of people cheering her songs and feeling her impressive talent for singing.

But there was some bad news as she was separating from Simon Konecki. Adele announced that she wouldn’t be singing anymore and the band came to a halt. There are only rumors about the causes that led to that decision, but it was clear that life was pounding hard on her. It was only early this year when she announced that she was returning to the stage, but not any stage, but her own hometown of London, where she was born back in 1988.

It’s also the place where she took her first steps in music, debating herself between creating royalty free music to earn some money or songs for herself. Adele, like many artists before her, had to climb the ladder to success on her own, earning her a lot of titles in public opinion but mainly making her a kind and very empathic person.

The performance in Hyde Park

Adele sang over the weekend for the 1st and 2nd of July, wearing a gorgeous glistering black off-the-shoulder gown, performing some of the best hits from her four albums, 19, 21, 25, and 30, including, of course, “Hello”, but also “Someone Like You”, where she was seen quite emotional as the crowd sang back “Nevermind, I’ll find someone like you,” the chorus of one of her most recognized hits.

The concert also included her famous “shirt launchers,” with not only a wearable piece but also 50 pounds inside, so the attendees that received them could treat themselves with some drinks, or maybe grab a bite. It was without a doubt some magical evenings, and she made quite clear: “There’s no place like London in the summer. I can’t wait to come back. I love coming home,” as her fans exploded with joy, thanking her for a surely intense but also quite emotional performance.

This impressive set of nights ended, as usual, with a massive fireworks show that clearly closed two incredible concerts, after her song “Love is a Game”. With fans wanting more of those “fast-paced” hours, the singing continued as she left the scene to rest after a surely tiring performance, which included a tail piano, as she sang some of her greatest hits.

Is she back for good?

After her glorious return with her album “31”, it seems clear that Adele is on the path of returning to music, and this glorious weekend at Hyde Park is definitely a good example that she needed to return to music. She seemed in good shape (both musically and mentally), and in her tears there was this scent of that feeling people experience when they go back to that particular activity that used to make them so happy.

Of course her bad moments in music can be described as some as “hell”, since she went on taking pounds soon after her meteoric rise to fame and all that comes with it. In some interviews, prior to her retirement, she looked quite devastated by fame and what it had done to her family, friends and most of her past life.

But this concerts are really good news to fans, since adding the release of a new album just last year, now it´s only a matter of time until she finds out that her love for music is quite alive and breathing. Eventually this natural flow that many people described after the concert, will get in her veins and push her to get back to the stages.