ALBUM: Demob Happy ‘Dream Soda’


Dream Soda is a “gushing, carbonated, artificially sweetened tide of poison, making hollow promises that your happiness is consumable” according to Demob Happy drummer Thomas Armstrong, in case you weren’t already aware.

Dream Soda is the debut album from the Brighton-based rockers, and the delivery of their concept begins in typical Demob form with opening track ‘Haat De Stank (Take From Me)’ pushing the album to a start with the characteristics that led to the band gaining popularity since their arrival: fuzz-charged riffs and hooks accompanied by infectious choruses bulge throughout.

The album is comprised of a mixture of already existing tracks along with some newly featured numbers; the inclusion of tracks such as ‘Suffer You’, ‘Succubus’, ‘Young & Numb’ and also recent single ‘Wash It Down’ ensuring that those already familiar with the thunderous sounds of Demob Happy can sing along during first listen.

‘Another Dreamer’ oozes coolness and charisma in a manner that only a handful of bands, such as Queens Of The Stone Age, can manage. ‘Man You’re Wrong’ (whilst continuing to be truthfully dark), is somewhat mellow – perhaps the warmth of all the hooch consumed as the album was comprised is coming through. This track, as well as those that ultimately draw the album to a close (‘Underneath Your Tree’ and ‘Strange Things’), show that Demob Happy are anything but a one-trick pony, proving they are willing to experiment and to thrive in whichever direction they may turn.

Demob Happy recently proved they’re a force to be reckoned with during their slots at Reading & Leeds festivals, and Dream Soda provides a partial inkling of their live presence to its listener; it is heavy and dark, whilst being incredibly refreshing and equally as energetic. If the album provides us with any evidence as to where the band are heading, it’s undoubtedly to high places.

Dream Soda is out 2 October.

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